I woke up yesterday in a really bummed out mood. Single life getting to me (again). I wasn't really looking forward to getting out of bed, let alone having a productive day. And I did what we are all prone to do: Tweeted and updated my Facebook status.

Well to tell you the truth, in this day and age where the Internet and instant access to information is viewed with suspicion, the responses I got were inspiring.

Sean Woods I'm having one of those lonely, irrationally despondent days. Normally I just muscle through with optimism. Who has a better tip?
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Shannon GemberlingGo back to bed.
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Sean Woods:-)
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Bob BuckwalterTake the day off and tie one on.
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Chris Baileytie one on, then go to bed....
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Sean Woods}:-)
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Sean WoodsOr simply contemplate I'm not the only person in the world that feels like downing a fifth and going back to bed. :-)
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Ellen Kay ColemanI say just ride with it, keep movin' and it will pass. We all have these moods..
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Bernadette BanaszakJust try to appreciate all the good that you have in your life. That always helps me. Hang in there.
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Christine Lindberg Taggartjust keep swimming, just keep swimming...
or if you prefer, trip the next person walking by, that should cheer you up!
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Josselyn ByrnesWelcome to the club! Go shopping, then call a friend you haven't talked to in a while (while drinking). You'll feel better in no time! :)
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Rose DiBattistaSmile!!! :)
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Circle BoxleyIf you need distracting- you could deploy Moodle to my server for me :))
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Clif FlyntDo a feature-by-feature test of someone else's code, and write up bug reports. Then you'll know someone else is having a bad day, too. And to make it worse, they have to thank you for testing their code for them.
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Clif FlyntOh, and don't use my code for that exercise...
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Sean WoodsPh'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
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Karl EngleClamp the head phones on and put on some Peter Murphy. Don't forget the absynth.
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Sean WoodsThank you all, BTW, I am feeling much, much better
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Sean Woods(Though you just had to say Absinthe... gawd, can I even get it in VA...)
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I could add my own commentary, but really, the thread speaks for itself. It doesn't matter how you stay in touch with your friends, there's no body better to cheer you up!

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