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It seems a bit odd to find myself writing an instruction manual on how to be angry. Nine times out of ten trying to AVOID being angry. And as far as being odd, well what can you expect from someone who calls himself an Evil Twin and posts his thoughts out loud and on the internet...

Damn I hate when I digress.

Seriously though, I had an epipheny whilst washing dishes tonight. Anger can be a really useful thing. But, just like fire, once you start it you really have to keep an eye on it lest it consume everything in sight.

I've spent most of my day getting pretty pissed off. I almost blew up over email several times. For about 5 minutes my voice mail greeting more or less said stay the hell off my ear. Why was I so pissed off? Beats the hell out of me. But what I could tell you was that I was never more productive.

I'm an angry worker, methinks. And I was all set to tuck in for the night when the Mrs. asked me to wash some dishes. It wasn't a whole lot of dishes, mind you. But I was just sitting there, looking at them. I didn't want to do them. And somewhere around her third word of encouragement there was some cheesy 70s music and the next thing I know I'm turning green and bursting out of my shirt. I was pissed. I was livid. I was... oh, rinsing, scrubbing, hell I even got the fucking silverware.


About the only rational... oh who am I kidding. The latest theory I'm pulling out of my ass is that anger is a recognition by one's brain that something needs fixing.

And now some backfill theory about the nature of all emotions.


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