2 Degrees from Kevin Bacon

The Book of Sean

Just a funny, we are all familiar with the "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon." I've always joked that in Philadelphia it's more like 4. I have just discovered that I am 2.

I worked at the Frankin Institute. I worked here during the time they filmed several scenes of the movie "National Treasure" at the museum, including a segment with two child actresses Colleen and Suzzane Dengel, who appeared as an uncredited school girls. They both had earlier played uncredited schoolgirls in "The Woodsman", starring Kevin Bacon.

Short of going into acting myself or stepping through a half-sized door and into Kevin Bacon's head, I don't think I will do much better in this life.

My Kevin Bacon number is 2. Though, I guess it really doesn't count unless I actually get myself listed on IMDB in a feature film.

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