Evil Twin Skippy in the Wild

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You know som day somebody is going to finally put together a theory that nothing is ever invented just once or in one place. My many travels on the internet have found multiple references to an Evil Twin Skippy. Here is but a sample.

Conan O'BrienJanuary 15, 2010 - Mentions "Skippy Bin-Laden" as the 8 year old who the TSA keeps flagging
Fark ThreadEvil Twin Skippy discovers he has an evil_twin_skippy... or is it the other way around?
Document Citation Style RecommendationThe author suggests adopting an Evil Twin, named Skippy, to test econ theories
The Day the Earth Stood StillOne man and his Evil Twin Skippy fix a dead hard drive
Re: Trademark violationOne person cites a letter sent to hum by his own evil twin skippy in 1970
Origins of Evil Twin Skippy (dead link)a rec.arts.tv thread that discusses possible origins to Evil Twin Skippy
213 Things Skippy is not allowed to do on Star TrekSelf Explanitory
213 Thinks Skippy the Dwarf cannot do in the DungeonD&D Version
213 Thinks Skippy Can't do in the ArmyThe ancient text that describes the ancient origins of Skippy
Best Halloween Costume (ranked 129) (dead link)Tenuous, but it dates back to 1996!
Transformers Plot Summary (dead link)Plot summary of a transformers episode, 1995
Salutation, Donna Menk (dead link)Earliest Electronic Reference I've found to Skippy, 1995

Evil Twin Quotes:

"No one _has_ to have a bad trip.  If one shows the proper respect for
the god in the drug, one never has to look at his evil twin, Skippy."
--Louise Rogow
"For me, Josh is where he's supposed to be right now in the sense that 
he is with the woman he loves. There are other times when I can't figure 
out what the guy is thinking. And that's when I go back to evil twin Skippy.
'Well, if I don't know what he's doing, it must be Skippy who is doing it.'"
--Robert Newman (Actor), Soap Opera Digest, 1/21/2003

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