Tao Development Roadmap

9.0 Has moved us out of my bizarre little stack based world and into a full object system based on Tip 257. The advantage is that now Tao generated object can play nicely with anyone else's creations using Tip 257.

The sqlite backend for Tao has been replace since Tao 8.5 with Dicts. The advantage is not having to load a database driver, and for my purposes, I haven't run across a problem with memory. (Doesn't hurt that my library is actually getting smaller and simpler over time.)

Later in the 9.x series I'll be introducing a database hook back into Tao, that will allow a Tao application to call on a pre-chewed library sitting on a database connection. The idea is that for large commercial websites (*cough*), many of the client systems are simple customizations of a larger library. No sense keeping that entire library in memory for each interpreter, EXPECIALLY if the library is mostly read only.

Whether that database will be sqlite, or a flat file index that leverages the tcl package system, I'm not sure of at this point.

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