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(Please note: the halfbakery are ideas that I wrote out... but don't make much sense later. This is not an active article.)

On Advertising
I'm having a bit of soul searching about continuing the banner ads on my blog. For starters, it's certainly not an issue about money. (After 6 months I've netted $4.50. Whoopie.) It's about control, integrity, and the somewhat silly notion that if I'm expounding about the evils of the world, I really don't want an add for Evil T-Shirts to appear on the sidebar.

I'm also at a quandry about how much I should leverage other ad-revenue driven Social Media. While Google and Facebook are quite an effective way of getting the good word out, it's also a bit of a Faustian bargain.

So in my role as interim benevolent dictator, I have to issue some policy.

The reason I have .net and .org) is to be able to produce something timeless. When I rely on other services to deliver content, they have a habit of instituting strange new policies, reformatting pages, and at some point utterly disappearing. Think of how many email addresses you've had since the dawn of he internet.

As far as goes, it will be considered a solemn place to tune in for wisdom. At least wisdom as it occurs to me.

And as such, allowing outside adverts yields control in a way that isn't really all the beneficial to either me the producer, or you the consumer. Or, what I really should say is beneficial to me the content maker, and you the product. Because with advertising YOU the reader are the product, not my wisdom. (Or at least misguided rants that you all find entertaining.)

There are, of course, expenses associated with running my own website. And the kindness of the human soul sometimes compels us to want to give to something we feel is worthy.

The most valuable contribution anyone can give to a movement is ideas rather than green slips of paper. I'd love to hear your thoughts, answer your questions, etc. So send them to

At my discretion (and with your permission), I'll share the most meaningful (or at the very least universally interesting) of those private talks in the form of an "Ask Sean" section of the website. I'm not planning on offering a public forum, though. Strictly for quality control purpose. You are welcome, however, to comment on Facebook links and Twitter posts (and whatever comes about in the future).

For those of you who feel shy about sharing ideas, or who come from backgrounds where dollar figures are the highest form of flattery, I am providing a paypal collection plate. It's there for those who feel the need to give. Give what you feel is right, when you feel it's right. This isn't my full time job, so there won't be fundraisers or giving campaigns.

Outside of, the rule is "Whatever works." As long as it doesn't exploit the reader, and the evils of distraction and data collection are matched with the universal good of interconnection. If we are using their wires, and their servers, I see no reason not to pay for the privilege. And if the toll is advertising, so be it.

I do ask, though, that the discussion about the Geek Unorthodox Church point back to (Or whatever official website is to follow.)

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