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The Open Source Novel is a project that stems from my ability to concoct characters and setting, with an utter inability to carry either for more than a chapter or two before running out of time, or wanting to reinvent the whole thing as something else.

So, rather than keep these ideas to myself, mouldering in notebooks, waiting for the day I write "The Great American Novel", I figure better to share. Because I imagine there are folks out there who have a genuine interest in plot but can't dream up a character to save their life. Or they all come out as "Super Genius Marine #17" who is dating "The Scientist Supermodel".

Characters are a product of their surroundings. That's my theory and I'm sticking with it. While one could have a Captain Kirk in any story, his mannerisms, his outlook, his very motivation are tied to the fact he is a Naval Officer in charge of a Warship on the edge of known space. Frodo Baggins could probably be done anywhere, but his quirks, his innocence, his having to employ cunning and stealth over brute force, are dictated by his small size and his sheltered upbringing amongst the hobbits.

So In addition to characters, I will be presenting the stage on which they act. And if I actually do get around to actually writing a story, I imagine fans will enjoy the all of the encyclopedic information that hits the cutting room floor.

While I really don't care about pet projects, or school papers, or things you release on the Internet for free, I do ask that if my body of work is used for a published book, television, stage, or film, that your people talk with my people, so to speak.

Entries in this session will be titled "Character", "Archetypes", "Place" and "Concept". Characters are, of course Characters. Or inanimate objects the act enough like them. "Place" are the cities, towns, space outputs, etc. that mark the Geography of this world or worlds. Concepts are encyclopedia entries on technologies, or aphorisms, the things that the characters know in their world that are unfamiliar to ours. and Archetypes are the templates I use to generate everything else.

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