The Bullet and the Foot, Nov 28, 2009

I'm on the road today, blogging from my iPhone, so I apologize for the lack of my customary formatting. I have a few hours to kill, and in between war-flirting on dating websites, and my Sisters' music in the car, I figures I'd also capture a few spare brain cycles for prosperity.

I'm really glad to have a family for times like Thanksgiving. Sure we posture, argue, and grumble like anyone else's. But we also care enough to keep each other honest. When someone goes off on a rant, another member of the family is all to pleased to remind them of a glaring hole in the argument, etc.

Thanksgiving reminds me that one does not have to be perfect to be loved. Not to mention that there is a crowd of people who will put up with my antics, because I put up with theirs.

And with no small measure of melloncolly (sorry no spell check), I'm reminded that my 35th birthday is coming up. I have the joy/curse of having been born 3 days before Christmas. Last year the family went tree hunting on my birthday. And for various scheduling reasons, I can't be down in Dallas over the holidays. And with no spouse or SO it's occuring to me that If I don't want to spend my 35th sharing a drink with strangers in a bar, I'm going to need to put together me own damn party.

Given the relative distributions of my friends in this world, I'm guessing that somewhere near Baltimore or up into Delaware. I'm thinking a bowling night or something equally family friendly.

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