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Welcome to my own little piece of the net. I am Sean's evil twin, Skippy. By day (though more likely at night) I troll on Fark and SlashDot. My visage also graces Myspace, Friendster, Facebook, and Twitter.

By night I rest up with a cup of tea and study the History Channel, while I dream up schemes of conquering the Universe and ruling all sentient life with an iron fist.

And failing that, maybe just play with their heads a little.

Ok, the joke has gotten old enough. Enjoy the rest of the website.

So where did this whole "Evil Twin Skippy" come from? Well, I was born with one of those faces that seems to remind everyone of someone else they know. So needless to say, I grew up assuming that the world was full of twins of me. The fact that meetings between myself and these twinse never panned out for bizarre reasons simply added a mythical quality to the tale.

In high school the twin phenominon was so bad I thanked my 'Evil Twin Skippy' (amoung others) in the playbill of our production of 'The Crucible.' Where I got Skippy from I have no idea. It was random, it began with an 'S', and it was relatively uncommon as a first name. Plus it sounded so upbeat, how could a guy named 'Skippy' brain you with a crow bar?

College came, and I made a name for myself by answering life's deep questions over chat conversations. My statements were so profound, and my mastery of the fortune cookie answer so complete, that I was given the handle 'Yoda' by my classmates.

As the internet grew, and websites requires logins, I started to sign on with the handle 'Yoda'. (Keep in mind, this was 1995-96). Then Lucas had to off and re-do the Star Wars movies. So I had to either be Yoda62732 or find another name.

Well I remembered by 'Evil Twin Skippy' from high school, and figured what the hey, it's random enough. At that poing it was decided. I would be Evil Twin Skippy. For some sites that phrase was too long for a user name, so I elected 'evil2skippy'.

Over time the joke has morphed into a lifestyle. Being my own Evil Twin allows me to see both sides to a problem.

Apparently I'm not alone in this thinking. As catalogued in my sitings of Evil Twin Skippy.