Some simple, self contained programs that I have found useful. These utilities are released under the GNU Public License GPL. Take them. Use them. Give a copy to friends. Print them out and use them for wallpaper. Just don't say you wrote it, and if you use it to write another program you have to publish the source.

All of these programs require a TCL interpreter. Most [Li|U]nix installations have one by default. Macintosh (classic) and Windows users can download an interpreter from OS X users have Tcl/Tk standard. These toys aren't picky about which one.

Just because one involves child birth, and another wedding planning, 2 VERY popular topics to sue people about, make sure you read the license.terms. To summarize, you got this for free, and I don't make any claims about it's performance.

contractions.html contractions.tcl
rpc.html rpc.tcl
seating.html seating.tcl