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This page is an archive, in PDF format of some of the better Photoshop Contests on Because of the phenominon of Link Rot, looking back at a photoshop contest even a few days later results in a pile of broken links. Having essentially printed out the page I've taken a snapshot in time of the thread, preserving the images and comments.

All images are copyright their respective authors.

November 1, 2005 A political flamewar: Use only Magic The Gathering cards FarkPhotoshopContest-MagicTheGathering.pdf(27.55Mb)

My Photoshops

Some are better than others, but hey.

Iron Photoshops

Random images that you would have to have seen the topic to understand

State Quarters

State Quarter Theme Photoshops

Magic the Gathering Cards

Phony MTG cards for fark contests/threads

Random Threadjacks