Here are the highlights of the Alessandra Experience from 2007
Alessandra 2007
Under foot for a test shot on my new camera
All dressed up with mom
The Dibattista Girls
Oooo I have a new cousin
But I still know how to hog a camera
Yawn... the Institute’s picnic is tiring
Hanging out under the Lunar Excursion Module
Visiting the USS Nautilus
Range 4000 yards. Angle on the bow, 27 Degrees
This here is a mark 25 Torpedo Data Computer...
Here you will enter in...
various targeting parameters...
You with the camera, are you paying attention?
These controls are very important...
And whatever you do don’t press that button...
I can’t reinforce strongly enough that this is serious business...
Smooth steady movements on the dive planes...
And that’s our orientation, do I have and questions so far?
Polywog, do you think I’m standing here for my health?!?
Thanks Dad!
Making Friends in Woods Hole
I’ll take that one my fine sir
My precious, my lovely
This Submersible has a range of features...
Eight Track...
And fully integrated safety system...
Now this way to the Insect Museum
I spy with my little eye somthing that starts with “I”
Wait... didn’t we see these before?
Mom was in for more than she bargained for
AJ At the folk fest
AJ and Mom having tea
If she sees far, she stands on the shoulder’s of a very short man.