Developmental Snapshots of Baby V1.0

November 5, 2003

Product launched! Latest Photos
Alessandra Jane Woods
Sex: Female
Born: November 05, 2003 at 12:27pm EST
Weight: 7lbs, 2oz
Lenght: 20 inches

November 1, 2003
Still no release if the final version. Beta testing still in progress. Marketing is getting a lot of calls about when the product will be out in the wild. Frankly we don't know. The system is functioning perfectly in the lab, it's just not ready to see the light of day.

New release date scheduled for November 3. If the project isn't finished by then we are going to release it as is. So far have had 3 release candidates go gold before being yanked back.

Did get a final specification on port orientation, it will be type-F.

October 23, 2003
Scheduled release date. We were all set to go, but the R&D says it isn't ready yet. Our build environment is bursting at the seems.

Oct 04, 2003
Product release party, Philadelphia.

Sept 21, 2003
Continuing development lab completed. Photos here:

Sept 14, 2003
Product release party, Baltimore. (Photos coming)

Aug 23, 2003
Product Demo: Philadelphia Folk Festival

Aug 18, 2003
New window interface for product.

May 28, 2003
We have reached the 19 week milestone for project Baby.

Larger Version

Larger Version

The framework for the project is completed, as are the beginnings of all of the major subsystems. The maintainer of our development environment reports that the project has been continually kickstarting since Mother's day.

The architect for the system has tentatively elected to make BABY conform to the female specification standards for interfaces and ports. Marketing has selected the name for the product to be "Alessandra".

March 24, 2003
We have reached the 9 week milestone for project Baby.

Larger Version

So far we have all of the underpinnings and foundation classes laid in, and running on the testbed. The first checks are coming back from the testing department a.ok. (The HEAD revision is on the left of the diagram.)